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I've recently migrated a machine to Windows 8.1. Before I did so I created a system backup of my old Windows 7 configuration.

My question is, can I restore this to a hyper-v VM in Windows 8? Having installed Win 7 on the hyper-v and selected restore, I get the message:

Windows  was not able to find any backup sets on
\\mymachine\c$\WindowsImageBackup\username\backup date-stamp.
Please select a different location.

In that directory, there is a vhd file. I then wondered if it would be possible to simply create a new VM and just tell it that this was the VHD; it is apparently not.

So, is what I'm doing not possible? Should I be able to restore to a VM in this way (or in any other)?

For information; the VM I'm trying to restore to has a full Win 7 install.

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