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My latest PC dates back from almost 4 years ago and I still love it. It's a XPS M1220. It's awesome because it's about the size of a netbook but, till this date, 3 times more powerful than the actual Dell netbooks.

Unfortunately, they don't sell computers like this so I'm looking at XPS 13 and XPS Studio 13. What are their differences? Which is lighter? which is the most scalable? What's the actual product segmentation? which is closer to my XPS M1220? Which offers a better performance to the money?

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There is one post at MWolk -- Difference between Dell XPS and Dell Studio.
Compares Dell XPS 1530 and Studio 15 to highlight differences.

Summary from there.

  • Studio is newer design, XPS is older best-selling model
  • XPS has a nVidia 8600 GT while Studio has Intel’s graphics card X3100
  • There are slightly different HDD options

This may be dated comparison.
I'd suggest you invite quotes from Dell directly.
That's always more helpful.

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