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I have a scenario that a csv file has the values of :

abcd FAILURE 7

abcd SUCCESS 12

efgh SUCCESS 3

efgh FAILURE 5

mnop SUCCESS 6

mnop SUCCESS 4

abcd FAILURE 5

efgh SUCCESS 2

mnop SUCCESS 1

abcd FAILURE 7

mnop SUCCESS 3

abcd FAILURE 5

Initial grep with abcd/efgh/mnop with failure or success condition then i need a value of the matching conditions addition

i need the required output like this please help me

for example :

abcd FAILURE 7

abcd FAILURE 5

abcd FAILURE 7

abcd FAILURE 5


abcd FAILURE **24**

abcd SUCCESS 12


abcd SUCCESS **12**

but i dont want to give any static string in condition.

thanks in advance.

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i dont know which string consist in the csv file so cannot give the static string in the grep – manu2711 Feb 6 '14 at 11:42

Using grep -c option to count occurences of a search-string. echo outputs the text and uses a sub-shell for the grep count.

echo "abcd FAILURE $(grep -c "abcd FAILURE" filename)" 
echo "abcd SUCCESS $(grep -c "abcd SUCCESS" filename)" 
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May be you want something like this:

awk '
    fail = suc = 0
$2 == "FAILURE" {
    fail += $3
$2 == "SUCCESS" {
    suc += $3
    printf "%s:%s\n%s:%s\n", "SUCCESS",suc,"FAILURE",fail
}' inputFile

Output with you file:

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