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I am using Debut Video Capture software to record my screen (948x534px in mp4 h264 encoder with Ratefactor of 28) and afterwards I edit those clips and render then in Sony Vegas.

My problem is that the video from Debut is like 6 hours long and take only about 1,5GB of space (in properties of the video: 448kbps) while keeping good quality of the content.

When I export through Vegas though I have really damn hard time to keep the size low while maintaining decent quality. Usually it goes like 5 hours of video takes 2,5GB (1000kbps) while having a tiny drop in quality.

I am using this setting to render:
Sony AVC format
Profile: Main
Entropy coding: CABAC
Frame rate: NTSC
Bit rate: 1000kbps

I know, I can probably knock down the bitrate, but the quality loss would be simply too much (or maybe that is simply the drawback of recoding the mp4).

So my question is: Is there any way to achieve Debut compression after editing in Vegas? I was searching for codecs and found x264vfw, which renders to .avi with x264, but it did not gave me the result yet, even though I set the settig like they are in Debut (ratefactor to 28).

Thank you very much :)

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