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I'm using Microsoft Word for Mac, version 14.3.8.

I've got track changes enabled, and it's flagging my changes with little balloons on the right hand-side. All well and good so far.

Then it tells me that one of my changes was made on 2nd July 2014 - 2/7/14. Well that's in the future, and I definitely changed it today. Ah yes it's the pesky dd/mm/yy - used by only 2 countries in the world, but the default setting for most software.

How do I change the date format for these balloons? The language of the document is marked as UK english.

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Well on Windows, that is set from the System's International settings not those of the document.

Can't say for sure on a Mac though I'm afraid.

Of course, it is entirely possible that the Office for Mac programmers are so US-centric that it wasn't tested with other date formats!

Personally, I prefer yyyy-mm-dd ISO format for short dates for the avoidance of doubt :)

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