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Hi I have a Word 2003 Document and I want the Pagenumber-2 in the Footer starting at Page 3. I know how to add a custom footer for the first page and how to start numbering the pages at 0 but that way the second page still has a pagenumber in the footer.

I read Page numbers in contents and footer but it was not enough to solve my problem.

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Insert a "section break, new page" right before page 3.

The default is that the page numbers will continue from the previous section - whether you choose to display them or nbot.

Then set up the footers in the first section so that page numbers are not shown, and in the new section so that they are shown.

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thx I was about to answer my own question and feeling bad about it :D You can reset the page numbering by removing the link to the previous page through a button and then set the pagenumbers to start at 1. That way I get seperate footers that start with 1 at page 3. – marg Nov 16 '09 at 22:25
Hey ho! Well, thanks for the acceptance and upvote. – Kije Nov 17 '09 at 0:08

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