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I am currently trying to set up my own server at home. I don't have a lot of hardware so I installed a Linux virtual machine using VirtualBox on a Windows 7. It runs Arch Linux as an OS and Nginx for the server part.

Regarding the network, I've setup static ip for all my devices. So my main and most powerful computer (the one running the virtual machine) as a static IP. I configured virtualbox to use bridged network so my guest as its own ip address. I can access my server locally by typing its local ip address in my browser and the http page is served.

My issue is that if I try from outside my local network it doesn't work. Chrome for example send me the following error message : "server sent no data". I configured my router to forward TCP request on 80 port to the local address of my server (i.e. the virtual machine). Concretely I try to access my web server from outside my local network by typing the public IP of my router in the address bar of my browser.

In my investigations, I've went on ShielsUp that tells me my 80 port is opened whenever my web-server (on the VM) is running.

What am I doing wrong ?


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