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I have recently bought a DLink DIR-825 router. It is a dual mode (2.4GZ & 5GHZ) 802.11n wireless access point/router.

What is a good PCI adapter to pair with it? DLink appear to only make one dual mode adapter, which is the DWA-160 USB adapter. They don't seem to have a PCI adapter in their range, which seems very strange. Do any of the other network manufacturers make a good dual mode adapter?

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If you must go with a PCI solution, this should be what you are looking for:

Wireless-N PCI Adapter with Dual-Band
$64.99 with Free Shipping on Newegg

If you are willing to use a USB adapter, my friend has this one (and really likes it) and it has the additional benefit of being able to move it between machines easily:

Wireless-N USB Network Adapter with Dual-Band
$63.15 with Free Shipping on Newegg

Apparently the pictures on Newegg are of Rev.1 of the USB adapter but they are shipping out Rev. 2, the one pictured on the Linksys site. I would verify this with Newegg before purchasing though.

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