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I am searching for a way to stop a TCP packet with a certain signature and connection from reaching an application. The packet may be dropped completely. The packet contains the byte signature [42, 56, 51, 60, 51, 60, 42] and needs to have a length of more than 250 bytes to be dropped.

For the applications ToS sake I may not use DLL injection and such tools. The ToS explicitly state the following:

[...] you agree not to: [...] emulate or redirect the communications protocols used by us (or our designees) as part of the Service, including, without limitation, by protocol emulation, tunneling, reverse engineering, packet sniffing, re-routing, looping, modifying the Software or using a utility program to host the Software;

That appears to leave only one option: a system-based firewall entry. Is there any way to do that on windows?

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That is walking on narrow ground, especially with "Including, without limitation" giving them the ability to declare most things against the ToS. Firewalling could be argued as redirection, and I would be willing to bet that you, directly or indirectly, got that byte sequence from packet sniffing or reverse engineering. –  Mitch Feb 10 at 20:17

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