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Lets say I have an Android phone and I'm in an area where there are bluetooth antennas each 10(or whatever) metres. I want to know if its possible to write an application (not asking about the programming part) that automatically connects to at least two bluetooth points to get positioning. And as You walk, when one bluetooth point is too far, the phone connects to the closest another one point, so that, as I said, the phone would be connected to at least 2 points at the same time. Isn't there like pairing, or something like that so that I couldn't make it automatic, every time it wants to connect to a new point - I have to pair with that bluetooth device? And what about maximum connections? What if there are 50 people like that walking around, wouldn't it be too much for the bluetooth antennas?

Or would this be possible with Wi-Fi? Is there a thing like "master router" and a lot of wireless switches? Sorry for my oblivious knowledge of wireless technologies.

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