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How do you tell yum to install gcc 4.1, not 4.4? ( 4.4 is too new.) How do you tell yum to install cmake 2.8.12, not 2.6? (almost two years old?)

I'm compiling plugins, so I need to get everything working in Linux, Windows, and OSX in a very specific way. I have to have the version of compiler correct. I have to have the version of cmake correct. SVN etc. I'm baffled about how to make this process painless.

I'm more upset that the packages are too old. Centos 6.4 has firefox 10 and cmake 2.6?

I made another install of centos, downgrading to centos 5 to get gcc 4.1 as required. But that still doesn't help with cmake and svn. I tried using the rpm packages directly but that doesn't solve all the dependency issues.

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