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I use Postbox templates quite often. In fact, every single day. I doing so, I find myself in a bit of a twist over signature placements.

In the natural order of things, an email signature should always be below the reply, and not the quoted/summarised message. As such, I should have the following settings defined for all my email accounts:

 start my reply above the quote
   and place my signature below my reply (above the quote)

Unfortunately, I have to change the second setting to:

   and place my signature below the quote (recommended)

Why? Because of templates. When I try to use the correct settings, Postbox (well, Thunderbird core) will place my signature above the template content when I'm using one.

So, here's the process:

  1. I have my templates stored in the local storage folder, under templates. These templates are saved without an email signature.
  2. I then open one of these templates to insert the greeting and any other information required.
  3. I then select who the email is from (I have over ten accounts to choose from - all with signatures)
  4. When I do this, the signature for that account gets placed above the template.

Because of this. I have to change the setting to:

   and place my signature below the quote (recommended)

This fixes the template problem. However, I have to always move the signature below my reply for replies, as I don't like the signature to be below the quote.

So, my question is, how do I fix the signature placement problem for templates?

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