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Just tried out The DLink DI-524 wireless router. Signal strength is good for up to maybe 50 feet.

I was figuring on having it centrally located, then being able to access it both up and downstairs. Unfortunately it looks like this router just doesn't have the broadcast strength I need.

Suggestions for others?

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suggestion: try – Jay Riggs Nov 17 '09 at 6:47

Have you considered a repeater for upstairs? I think 50 feet is decent for a consumer grade router.

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Some DIY ways:

Soldering wire.


Kitchen strainer


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D-Link DIR-655 Xtreme N Gigabit Router. Don't know how big a house you are talking about, but haven't had any problems with this router where I live anyways...

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Your router is a bit long in the tooth, and has anyway been discontinued by D-Link.
Modern routers have longer reach, the better-quality ones, at least.

If you like D-Link, you can go on their site, choose Home and Home Office, then Launch Router Selector to choose your router. However, you don't need to limit yourself to D-Link.

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Have you considering replacing the aerials on the router for some higher gain ones. This may be cheaper than a new router.

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