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I have managed to set up an ubuntu server VM (using Oracle VirtualBox) which will eventually be part of a small Hadoop practice cluster. I have followed along with various tutorials online and I'm now trying to set up a shared folder between the guest and host OS. I have installed the latest version of Guest Additions using the built in package manager.

The problem is that once I mount the shared folder in the guest OS, if I try to ls the contents of that folder, the OS hangs and I am forced to restart the VM. If I ls the folder prior to mounting the shared folder no errors occur.

However, if I try to touch /media/sf_VMshare/testfile, the file appears in the corresponding host OS directory as if everything is working correctly.

I am at the limit of what I know to do to troubleshoot this on my own. If anyone had any suggestions as to what to try next I would be in your debt.


FYI: mount cmd: sudo mount -t vboxsf VMShare /media/sf_VMShare where VMShare is defined in the VirtualBox manager.

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I just wanted to update this post to say that in spite of the aforementioed bug I am able to read and write files to and from the shared folder to the host OS and vice-versa. However, the system still hangs if I run any command that indexes the folder, including attempting to tab-complete file names from the command line. So the folder WAI but any action that lists the contents crashes the shell. What would cause such a strange bug? – Sledge Feb 12 '14 at 19:24
If I try to copy a file using cp /media/sf_VMShare/testfile ~/, I can use ctrl-C to break out of the hang. However, ls /media/sf_VMShare still won't respond to interrupts. – Sledge Feb 14 '14 at 14:00

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