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My company use Lotus Notes 8.5 I want to search by recipient, I'm in several email group and I'd like to know if a mail is address directly to me or to a group.

I know the search by field but I already:
recipient contains and
ToName contains and it's definitely not working. Is it possible ? or just a foolish dream ?

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First of all: You can mark every mail with a little circle to indicate, if a mail is sent directly to you or to a group. Go to More -> Preferences -> Mail -> Attention Indicators and check the appropriate checkmarks under "Recipient indicators".

But that was not your question. There are three fields containing recipient information: SendTo, CopyTo and BlindCopyTo. The "shortest" search would be:

[SendTo] = "" or [CopyTo] = "" or [BlindCopyTo] = ""

= and contains are the same in the search string.

Take care: Searches in fields only work, if your admin has created a fulltext- index for your database. If he didn't -> Don't blame Notes for it...

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I love you, and I hate definitely lotus notes – Kiwy Feb 13 '14 at 12:24

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