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I would like to annotate PDFs, store the annotations in the PDF and be able to view the annotations with Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader.

I am using Debian Jessie with the following packages:

  • okular 0.17.5 (Debian package version 4:4.11.5-1) is linked to libpoppler-qt4-4 according to packages.debian.org.
  • libpoppler-qt4-4 (Debian package version 0.22.5-4)
  • acroread 9.5.5

Stored annotations do show up when opening the PDFs with xournal or gimp but do not show up when opening with Foxit Reader or Adobe Reader.

According to docs.kde.org exporting annotations should work if Okular has been built with version 0.20 or later of Poppler rendering library. An older entry on Debian maintainers list also claims this functionality with libpoppler-qt4-4.

The answer to a similiar question is valid for libpoppler <0.20 and does not allow viewing in Adobe Reader, neither. There is another answer on unix.stackexchange.com which just indicates that it should work.

How can I find out, why it does not work with my given setup?

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