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OK, I know it sounds complicated, so I will try and elaborate:

I have a lot of files (one created every day) - let's call them W1, W2... Every file has the same number of sheets and their names are the same - S1, S2...

I have to add a new sheet to every file. I did that at one of the files, but when I copy the sheet (select everything and then paste it to the new file) the formulas contain the name of the first file: SUM([W1]S1!...), but I want it to say SUM(S1!...)

I guess it is easy, but can't figure it out, and google didn't help me either.

Thanks in advance.

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You didn't say the version (pre or post ribbon), but in Excel 2010:

Go ahead and paste as you are, and then Data->Edit Links -> Highlight the W1 reference-> Change Source button

Point it at itself (W2: the target/new file), and the external links should be removed.

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