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I maintain a network of apx. 60-80 computers. Normally I can remote desktop into these machines via a windows domain. I'm for the most part self-taught however and I was wondering what is the typical method of remotely supporting an end user without logging them out of the machine? A lot of the people on my network provide critical services (such as emergency call operations) or have user dependent applications which do not allow me to log them out and I need to be logged into them to configure them. I've used and know of:

  • Ultra VNC
  • TeamViewer
  • LogMeIn
  • Standard Windows Remote Desktop

Is there an option on Windows RDC that will allow this? Or should I start installing Ultra VNC on the machines?


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What you're probably looking for is Remote Assistance if you are looking for something native. Essentially, it lets you RDP on to a users machine while they remain logged in.

Here is a TechNet article on how to get started.

Another FAQ I found with Google.

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Windows wasn't made as a multi-user OS, so you'd need to do some ugly modifications to get RDP working the way you want, I've used it and it works well, but pushing it out to a large network might be difficult.

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