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I have an Asus P5Q Pro Turbo mobo. I use it for a file server for home.

It's in a case with a total of 8 SATA drives, mostly the green eco type, of various brands. Four are connected on the mobo, four more are on two add-on cards.

I was gone on a trip and my wife said the computer was beeping. Eventually she powered it off. When I got home, I noticed it beeped a series of beeps on startup and then the beeping stopped. One drive couldn't be seen - figured bad hard drive.

However, after removing the drive, it still beeped. On reboot, it couldn't see one drive, then another. Tried removing some memory and cards - still beeping. Finally it just suddenly powered off and now will not power on no matter what. Tried different power source, etc.

Honestly, it ran fine for months...

I counted and there were 11 short-ish beeps during POST. No Asus POST Code covers that.

It's a Yorktown-class processor, and I've got 8 SATA drives (and 1 rarely used DVD), along with 8GB of RAM, fans but nothing crazy. No OC.

I'm wondering if:

(1) Is a 650W power supply too little? It's an Antec EarthWatts. Tried removing RAM, cards, but still no boot. It did run fine for many months with this PS - if it was too small, wouldn't it have been too small all along?

(2) Or could the PS just be dead? There IS a green light on the board (even though the system won't power on) so some juice is coming in.

(2) Anyone care to guess what 11 beeps in a row (and then silence) means? Four beeps means power or temperature, according the ASUS POST doc I googled:

I really don't think it's overheat - it's in a basement room and, well, it's February - ambient in this room is probably under 70F.

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A quick search shows that 11 beeps on an ASUS board means a bad L2 Cache. See this link for details.

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