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I am using the newest VMWare player on a Windows 7 machine. When I have the player open on one of my two monitors I get some weird behavior.

For instance, if the player is open on monitor 2, and I minimize firefox on monitor 1, my mouse will instantly switch to the monitor 2 and be centered within the VMWare player window.

This happens when I minimize any window after having been working in my VM. I hope there is a setting or tweak that I am not aware of that can remedy this.

EDIT: Through more testing I have found that this only occurs when the VMWare player is full screen on either of my two monitors.

Also, I found people having the exact same issue at:

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Although this tip is for Vista, it may still work in 7:,1644.html

Be careful inside the registry and dont change anything besides what the website tells you to.

Its only a minor change, you may have to restart your comptuer to experiance the effect.

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This did not work unfortunately. – Bryan Rowe Nov 18 '09 at 16:12
Ok when you get your mouse out of the VM, try minimizing the VM window. Then it should stop it from stealing the focus of other windows. – Tanner Collin Nov 18 '09 at 22:36
Sure, but what if I have Visual Studio full screen on my VM and then on my host I have a few windows open that I am using to help me work in Visual Studio IE: chrome, ms project, outlook, etc? – Bryan Rowe Nov 20 '09 at 20:13

The page @Tanner Collin originally suggested seems to be returning 404 errors now, but I did find it in the waybackmachine.

I also had a look for other pages detailing how to prevent windows stealing focus. There are a number out there, including these at and

Also, this forum thread is interesting, since it describes problems with applications resetting this setting.

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