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I have a question on ForceBindIP, quite an old topic located here: Need help creating advanced context menu command in Windows 7 (x64).

I'm trying to use this method to replicate the same context menu for a WinXP machine, or another Win7 machine, but not having any luck, and I'm sure there's something fundamental I'm overlooking.

I've got my basic hardwired connection, and a wireless USB port I want to use for playing online gaming. I'm able to do most normal "forcebind" commands, but 2 of the program shortcuts look similar to this: "C:\Program Files\theBorgata\Borgata.exe" -P=BorgataPoker and it's the param part that's throwing me off. I'm able to use it for 888poker and WSOP with no problems, since they don't have additional params after the exe.

Anyway, I digress, basic issue is, can't get the regkey to work for context menu =)

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