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I am trying to find a way to create a PDF using pdfcreator and set the PDF Producer to something other than ghostscript v*.

For some odd reason the program I am piping the Pdf file to will only accept canon generated PDF files.

I thought there might be some sort of ghostscript parameter I could pass but have not found anything obvious. I even looked at passing the pdf to a vbscript to modify that property but I don't off hand see any object I can create to modify it.

Any ideas or direction would be greatly appreciated.

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I would use Exiftool, which allows you to, as implied by it's name, change EXIF tags. I've tested the Windows version thusly:

"exiftool(-k).exe" -"Producer"="Canon" <name of PDF to modify>

Where <name of PDF to modify> is the file for which you would like to change the "Producer" tag. Of course, you can change the data in the tag to whatever it's convenient for you.

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Thank you, This worked thru a manual command line as a quick test. I suspect I can throw it in a vbs wrapper to do the whole deal I need. – ssaviers Feb 19 '14 at 23:12

I found a freeware tool called pdf info (if you prefer a gui) at Sorry, I'm not promoting the tool! It helped me.

Edit: after testing, exiftool has fewer bugs. PDF Info inserts garbage in the field "[[[[000". It's worth investing in learning it's command line parameters:

exiftool -"Producer"="Adobe PDF Library 9.0" -"Creator"="Adobe InDesign CS4 (6.0.6)" file.pdf
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