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Can someone please tell me how to do this? I can't find any simple tutorials on the internet. I just want a straightforward script that creates folders on my desktop. I'm very tired at the moment, sorry if this post is a mess.

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create folder with what name? – MAKZ Feb 15 '14 at 4:58

There is an environment variable named: "USERPROFILE"

This variable holds the path of your "home" directory under the "Users" folder on the drive where Windows is installed.

If you open a command prompt window, and type: echo "%USERPROFILE%", you will see something like:

C:\>echo "%USERPROFILE%"

This will also be available as: %HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH% where:


This folder is the Parent folder for your "Desktop" folder. So, if you wanted to create a folder named "MyNewFolder", on your Desktop from a command window or a batch script, the command would look like this:

C:\>md "%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\MyNewFolder"

These variables (USERPROFILE, HOMEDRIVE, HOMEPATH) are available on Windows 7 (and probably also Windows Vista and Windows 8). For Windows XP and Windows 98, this would have been found under the C:\Documents and Settings folder.

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+1 for detailed explanation, but i think the asker won't understand it – MAKZ Feb 15 '14 at 4:50

Some operating systems can't find the path when using %userprofile% with cd, but this one seems to work on all Windows versions.

@echo off
: start
cd "%systemdrive%/documents and settings/%username%/desktop"
set /p x= name of folder :
md %x%
cls && goto start

Save the .bat file anywhere, and run it.

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Here's how I would do it:

  1. Install Cygwin
  2. Open up Notepad
  3. In the blank document, type:

    mkdir C:\path\to\dersired\directory
  4. Hit Ctrl+S
  5. For filetype, choose All files
  6. Save it
  7. Open a command prompt
  8. Type in: C:\cygwin\bin\bash C:\path\to\script\

You can put other stuff in the bash script too.

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maybe installing Cygwin isn't the simplest solution to this question. – stib Feb 15 '14 at 6:05
@stib That's probably true, but I feel like having Cygwin installed would have tremendous value in the future as well. – evamvid Feb 15 '14 at 6:07
So would wiping the Windows partition and installing Linux, or learning Lisp so you could write a program to do it. But not a simple solution to the problem. – stib Feb 15 '14 at 6:10
True! I totally agree =) – evamvid Feb 16 '14 at 6:01

Write this code in a text file, rename it to [someFilename].bat, and save the file on the desktop:

@echo off
set /p x= 
mkdir %x%

Double-click it, and you will be prompted for input. Enter the desired folder name, and then press enter on the keyboard.

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