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I have windows server 2012. Now i am setting some folder permissions. The issue is that the Administrators are not able to edit any of the folders, remotely on LAN. Even if the "Administrators" group has "Full Control" for that folder (And it has inheritance for its child folders).

If I give one of the user directly "full control" for the folder, it works fine.

All the shares are done with full permission to everyone group. Not only for existing folder. If I create new folder and set folder permission for any group, that is also giving me same error. Previously i was using windows server 2003 R2 and was maintaining same folder permission policy and it was working fine. Actually my exact case is as follows. I was using windows server 2003 R2 and i was set folder permissions as per my requirement there. Yesterday i installed windows server 2012 and i inserted same data HDD (Which was used in 2003 R2) to new server. All users and groups were created in new server same as in old server. But folder permissions didn't match because of user SIDs. Please anyone help me to resolve this

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