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When I try to clone a git repository to my Desktop it always takes me to the download page but it is already downloaded.

How can I clone it directly from the browser to PC ?

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You may want to be more specific, how do you try to clone a git repository (command line, github app for windows?), from where (github, some other support)? –  nerdwaller Feb 15 '14 at 22:47
Easiest to just use the cmd line. Maybe get a virtual term for your browser I spose. If you'd rather not and your on windows get the windows client which will handle those links for you and clone to directory of your choosing. –  Mrsonord Feb 15 '14 at 22:55
In command line: git clone <SSH>. Getting a Git Repository. –  Anton Dozortsev Feb 15 '14 at 23:10

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You need to be logged into the website (GitHub.com) and the application and refresh the page. Then you can click clone to desktop.

You could also install command-line tools. From the app, Preferences > Advanced > Install Command Line Tools

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Yea I needed to be logged in, thanks! –  meda Feb 15 '14 at 23:45
Clone in Desktop doesn't seem to work with the latest desktop version. The app is activated, then nothing. This must be the most terrible ui ever, where the obvious action doesn't do anything and the correct action is totally invisible. –  Thomas Eyde Aug 9 at 11:14

The GitHub functionality to 'Clone in Desktop' has been replaced by a drag and drop feature which is not quite clear. The process to do this is explained here: http://joe.blog.freemansoft.com/2014/04/github-clone-to-desktop-with-windows.html

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This did fix my problem, where the accepted answer did not. –  Sumurai8 Mar 3 at 21:21
This was exactly the issue for me as well. Dragging the URL from the GitHub project page over GitHub for Windows immediately displayed a Clone Repository screen and asked for a directory to clone in. –  enki.dev Jun 2 at 23:00
So we're saying that a web site dedicated to programmers has a dead button on it that doesn't do what everyone assumes it does ... I mean, is this supposed to be ironic? –  Jammer Jun 20 at 8:41

I would try using MySysGit, as it seems to work about as well as any Windows git cloner could. You can get it HERE.

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