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I have a Windows 8.1 laptop. I have created an Ubuntu virtual machine using Hyper-V. I want to be able to access this virtual machine from my Windows host - both web access and SSH access.

I have also created an external virtual switch (because the Ubuntu guest needs to access the internet).

I can't give the Ubuntu guest a static IP address, because I use my laptop with different networks, so its network address keeps changing and no static IP is valid for all the networks.

If I let the Ubuntu guest ask for a dynamic IP address it can access the internet fine from any network, but I lose the ability to access it from my host (because I always have to check its IP address, which may change quite a lot if my laptop is connected through our cellular provider).

Is there a way I can give the Ubuntu guest a name that will be known from Windows?

UPDATE: I have set up an SMB share on the Ubuntu guest. I can access it from Windows with the IP address, but not with the guest's name. I am not connected to a domain.

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