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While running Office 2007 Ultimate Setup on Windows 7 box, I get this error message - "Setup cannot find PowerPoint.en-us\".

This file is very much present in the setup folder. It gives me an option to choose the correct path of this file, but when I browse and navigate to the folder containing this file, it doesn't show me the CAB file for selection.

I tried installing both from DVD and also running setup from hard disk location.

The same setup media was used earlier for installation on Vista without any issues!

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Check the media for any scratches or problems. Next, try to open the CAB file yourself and see if it is readable.

FYI, for comparison - on my Ultimate disk, the file has a creation date/time of 30/10/2006 02:33 and the size is 13,422,356 and has a CRC of 0xA98A52BE

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Yes, I was able to open & extract the CAB file using 7-Zip. My CAB file size is also 12.7 MB (13,422,356 bytes). The file creation time shows 30-Nov-2006 4:03PM. I am not sure how to check the CRC. The media is a ISO File on my hard disk, that I burnt it to DVD. Even I tried extracting the ISO file and ran the setup. But still encountering the same problem! – kamleshrao Nov 17 '09 at 18:36

This is often caused by a trial version of Office 2007 being pre-installed on your machine. Check control panel, Programs, Uninstall a program and then uninstall everything with Office in it's name. After this you should be able to install both from the DVD and the HDD.

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I will try this and let you know in a day. Thanks. – kamleshrao Nov 17 '09 at 18:43

What worked for me: I installed MS Office 13 (365) and uninstalled it after and installed MS Office 2010 again (without rebooting) and it worked as "charm"... (Before I tried to uninstall and delete everything which has something common with MSO 2010). PS: Problem occured when I uninstalled MSO 2007 and tried to install MSO 2010.

So if nothing helped you just try to install and uninstall MSO 13 (365) again and after install MSO 2010.


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