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Ok so my question may seem a little convoluted, but basically I am looking for some software (or solution) with the following features:

  • Automatically sync files between two computers (So copy all updated/new stuff)
  • Automatically add all copied (updated) content to iTunes
  • Preserve playlists and rating on the "client" computer (So basically don't update this info on either pc).
  • (Bonus) Keep lyric data up to date (either via the net, or by ensuring that all lyrics that are present on one version of the file are available to both versions of the file)

Ideally I am looking for some free/open source software but if I can trial it I may consider purchasing it.

I realize this may also be possible with a combination of software, which is fine.

Platform is windows 7 (eeek I know) for both computers. Some help would be much appreciated as I have struggled to find any software which can satisfy the criteria I have listed.

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