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I am a long time Linux user of the Xinerama and other technologies for extending a desktop to multiple monitors. However when I travel with my laptop I miss the multi-monitor support I enjoy at home. Recently I acquired a second laptop for a low price. Both laptops are running Fedora (versions 10 and 11 respectively). I use Gnome as my primary desktop environment.

I know about synergy. I use synergy all the time to control the screen of other Windows / Linux systems I use.

I would like to know, can I sit both my primary and secondary laptops together and achieve a Xinerama-like extended desktop environment? Ideally I would like to start a GNOME session on my primary laptop. And then start a X-Windows Desktop on my secondary laptop and extend my primary laptop's desktop onto it. I would like to be able to move Windows from the primary desktop to the secondary laptop desktop.

Would I need to use synergy to do this with some other bit of X-Windows technology? Or is there X-Windows technology that will do all this for me?

I am familiar with X Windows ability to display applications remotely. I am also familiar with Nomachine's NoX.

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I think you are looking for . From the man page:

It provides multi-head X functionality for displays that might be located on different machines.

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Great! Great! Great! – kolypto Nov 18 '09 at 0:52
-1 The other is greater! Greater! Greater! – jmendeth Aug 28 '12 at 18:02

Start the X server with the -ac option, in all Linux box that you want to make the wall, like:

X -ac

Then execute startx, with Xdmx with xinerama enabled, sending the display to the server, as:

startx -- /usr/bin/Xdmx :0 +xinerama -display -display -display -norender -noglxproxy
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Be careful about using X -ac, as it disables access control mechanisms. Consider setting up ssh X11 forwarding instead. – Denilson Sá Apr 13 '15 at 17:04

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