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I used the inSSIDer Android application to scan my network in the hope of finding the best wifi channel around my home. With no surprised channel 1, 6 and 11 were acceptable most of the time but after going around my home I noticed that channel 11 had less co-channel and overlapping APs almost all the time. This translates in inSSIDer with a higher percentage and channel 11 was almost always the first in the list (best).

So based on these results I moved my wifi from auto (was channel 6) to channel 11. The result was disastrous. I tried it for 2-3 days and all I had was devices (ipod, ipad, Android smartphone, Dell laptop, HP printer) that could barely connect to the wifi and when they did the speed was really slow to negligible.

I understand that inSSIDer is not seeing interference caused by non wifi transmission in the 2.4GHz band but what could cause so many problem in channel 11 ? And why is channel 11 usually recommended if such issue can happen ? Or is it a rare issue that unfortunately exist in my area or home ?

I have 2.4Ghz DECT 6.0 cordless phones but I thought they were supposed to play nice with Wifi as long as the router and DECT 6.0 based station were not too close to each other and they are on different floors. My router is a Linksys E2000 and it works perfect on other channels. I cannot see what other devices could cause this in my area.

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