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I removed "Bookmarks Toolbar Items" (can be found in "View -> Toolbars -> Customize") from bookmarks toolbar. So it's empty now - no buttons, separators or any other toolbar objects. Before I removed the only item from the toolbar it was below adress toolbar and above tabs toolbar. Now it disappeared (it's checked though in "View->Toolbars").

I don't know how put the "Bookmarks Toolbar Items" back to the toolbar because it's empty and therefore hidden. I tried dragging the Bookmarks Toolbar Items into different spots between address bar and tabs toolbar, but it didn't work.

Any hints?

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Have you tried resetting defaults in that same customize dialog (view -> toolbars -> customize)?

That should bring it back, although you'll need to tweak your toolbars again to the way you like.

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Thanks, it worked. Now I'm wondering why didn't I try it before asking the question. Probably I tried but it didn't work for some reason (too much customization maybe). Anyway, I have my bookmarks icons back :) – Gepard Nov 17 '09 at 20:16

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