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I would like to run programs (for example, opening PDFs in Evince) from my bash shell. However, when I do this the simplest way (evince filename.pdf), the shell doesn't let me input anything until I close Evince. Additionally, after I close Evince, I get some error messages, which I would ideally prefer not to have.

How can I structure the command to make this happen?

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try as follows: evince filename.pdf & The ampersand (&) is the key to doing that. – MariusMatutiae Feb 17 '14 at 21:00
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You can start evince using the following command:

$ evince filename.pdf &> /dev/null &

  • &> /dev/null will redirect both standard errors and standard output to /dev/null so that you will not see warnings and errors appearing in your terminal
  • the last & at the end of the command will start the process in a background job so that you can still work with your terminal without closing evince.
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