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I have a computer that runs Windows CE 5.0.

I need to get files from another computer (Under Windows XP or Windows 7) and copy them on this Windows CE computer.

My WinCE has the following Ip address : My Win7 has the following Ip address :

I created a folder share on my Windows 7 machine, with everyone having the read/right access. It is found under : "\WRKS-NTB-01\Share"

From my WinCE, I'm able to ping my Win7 but only when choosing its IP.

I cannot access the share when using the Explorer, I get the error "Cannot find the file on .......".

I tried to set my Win7 Ip address as DNS Server, WINS Server and Gateway server of my WinCE network card. Without success...

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AFAIK, accessing network in this way is not possible in WinCE.

You can use: 1. ActiveSync 2. KITL 3. USB/SD card/UART (Depending on BSP support)

for file transfer.

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Thank you for your answer. I finally chose to develop an application to synchronize ftps. I'm therefore synchronizing any computer with a FTP server with my WinCE (that has a ftp service). – Andy M May 5 '14 at 10:01

You can get information from this contents =>

"Windows CE has no native Network Neighbourhood / My Network Places explorer area. In order to access Network Shares you must use the remote computers Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path."

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