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I have created a shortcut which launches cmd.exe with a specific working folder and runs a program using the /k switch

C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /k eac3to.exe e:

This works as expected however the next step with this tool is to add an additional parameter based on what is output from the original call, so:

eac3to.exe e: 1)


eac3to.exe e: 2)

So what I want to do is access eac3to.exe e: again from the cmd history and then add the 1) or 2) .

But, the command history doesn't ever save the /k command for access using the up/down arrows.

If I enter subsequent commands manually then they are accessible using the up/down arrows but the original command passed isn't.

Is there any switch which forces cmd.exe to remember the /k command?

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I think the command isn't showing up in the history because the /k switch "remains". It never terminates so it looks as if it's still running. Thus never added to the history. I may be off, but that makes sense to me. –  Qwilson Feb 19 at 14:12

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