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Recently, while browsing using Google Chrome, adverts come into the page from the left side of the screen and from the bottom of the screen. I'm sure I didn't install any browser extension recently. I noticed a JavaScript inclusion tag that gets included on the page on some websites just after the <head> tag. Below is the script tag code:

<script src="http://wac.edgecastcdn.net/800952/c0de69a4-1f0b-445c-86a9-168ee813b7e6-api/gsrs?g=d210b4ea-4d00-47dc-bacd-aa97e1a1811c&is=w3wsNG"></script>

I have uninstalled my Google Chrome and reinstalled it again, and that script tag still gets included. This only happens with Google Chrome, it doesn't happen on other browsers.

Any suggestion on how I can stop this intrusion?

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Why do you think it's linked with your browser? It can be an advert which only works with Google Chrome. –  Zistoloen Feb 19 '14 at 19:16

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