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I recently got a new Lenovo Y510P Laptop, with a 24 GB SSD drive and a 1 TB Hard Drive.

When I opened up Disk manager, I realized that the SSD drive was allocated into a single partition, but the partition did not have a drive letter or any visible way to use the memory space.

I cannot think of any reason to have the disk set up this way, and am wondering why it is the default setting.

I also have a question about the default partitioning of the 1 TB Hard Drive here

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Considering the size, it may be set up as a cache using something like intel smart response techology. This gives you some of the benefits of a SSD, at lower cost without compromising on storage size. Anandtech has a very in depth writeup on what SRT is, and you can check if thats the case through the SRT driver - as you can see on the intel user guide

enter image description here

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Beat me to it. The SSD in these models is used as a cache. – Michael Frank Feb 20 '14 at 3:09
Although I don't have the same UI for Intel rapid stora.... It appears to be the same. – EAKAE Feb 20 '14 at 3:20

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