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I have been looking at graphics cards, and I notice that some of them feature 'Multi View', only I cannot find a definition of what it is?

What is Multi-view and what is it used for? It is a vendor-specific feature (such as SLI)?

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Nvidia defines Multi View as using multiple video card to drive multiple displays. From their website:

SLI Multi View: Combines the power of two identical NVIDIA Quadro PCI Express graphics cards to drive multiple displays, with each GPU dedicated to a single display or to a pair of displays.


  • View professional applications over multiple displays to increase visual real estate.

This FAQ adds additon information:

SLI Multi View: Combines the power of two NVIDIA Quadro PCI Express graphics cards to span a single hardware-accelerated OpenGL application window across multiple displays, run a single application per GPU with multiple display outputs, or enable other flexible usage of two PCI Express graphics cards.

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