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Asked this question on Server Fault before, but got redirected to here. Hope this is the right place to ask this question.

I installed YouTrack from Jetbrains on my Windows 7 machine, which works just fine. Now I want to make this running service available for 'the outside world'. Due some network problems at home, I had to make an subnetwork for all my own devices (including this windows 7 machine running YouTrack).

ex.ter.nal.ip -> Modem -> (my router) -> (windows 7)

I think I did setup the forwarding correctly, using DMZ. My modem DMZ to my router, which DMZ to Windows 7. So every port filled in from the ex.ter.nal.ip is forwarded to my windows 7 machine. Correct?

Now as I've said before, I'm running a YouTrack Service which is accessible from my Windows at localhost:8081. With my current setup, I would say this service is reachable at ex.ter.nal.ip:8081. But then happens (for me) something weird.
The URL changes from ex.ter.nal.ip:8081 to localhost:8081.
So my MacBook is looking for it's own localhost.

I really don't get what is happening here.
In some tutorial I followed I had to make a rule in the firewall, but I disabled this because I thought this could be the problem. But, nevertheless...

How can I get this to work?

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Apparently it was an issue for YouTrack and had nothing to do with my network setup.

I had to change the base-url.

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