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Some DVD movies contain no subtitles - or some subtitles that are not on the DVD may be needed.

Is there a way to see external subtitles when watching a DVD movie?

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Use Media Player Classic - Home Cinema (MPC-HC)

Go to View-Options (or press O), then Output.

Select one of the two options under DirectShow Video indicated in the image below:

enter image description here

Apply, then open the DVD and add the subtitle - even drag and drop works.

Chances are that the subs you find are not synced - but for that MPC-HC can help, as shown in this answer..

I have found this answer here.

PotPlayer and KMPlayer are both able to accomplish this right away (I would recommend the first, which looks to me like a non-bloated fork of the second.)

DrakaSAN gave me an answer: VLC also plays DVD with external subs. After trying to test I found that it works, only that the Video Output had to be changed from Default to OpenGL (in Windows). I want to give credit to DrakaSAN for this.

After more testing, the VLC solution seems very unstable, it sometimes does not work for parts of the video. I keep it here for reference and in view of further findings.

BSPlayer PRO seems to be able to accomplish the task.

A different approach (useful with a player that cannot play external subs with DVDs) is to display the subtitles over the video with a separate specialized program, like Greenfish Subtitle Player. Of course, this works with any playing video, not just DVD.

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It was indeed me, I ve deleted my previous answer as I didn t known about the video setting to make it work for DVD. Thanks for noticing me. Undeleted it to add the info. – DrakaSAN Feb 20 '14 at 11:38
I tried PotPlayer and was able to load the external subs properly. However I had another problem where the default DVD subs were showing up too and I just couldn't disable them. To fix this go to Preferences->Devices->DVD/Blu-Ray and uncheck 'Display DVD Subs' (restart player or changes don't take effect). hope this helps someone. also kudos to this thread for pointing this out… – SHA1 Apr 16 '15 at 1:03

As far as I know some players, for example Media Player Classic Home Cinema support this, although I've never tried it. In the file menu you'll find a "Subtitle Database", which might be the function you're looking for.

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yes, i just found about the answer, and in fact i just created the question in order to provide the answer. it is what you say, and i'll show exactly how in the answer that i was just editing when you posted - thanx – cipricus Feb 20 '14 at 10:25

VLC do that, you just have to drag'n drop the subtitle file while the dvd is playing, or opening it via the menu. (Subtitles>Add subtitles or something like that).


This method does work with DVD, but the video output need to be changed to OpenGL.

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I was not able to use VLC in this way, at least not with the default settings in VLC. do you use a special setting for video output? i think it works with other video output setting than the Default one, have you tested? – cipricus Feb 20 '14 at 10:31
I don t remember setting anything, but it work well for video file. Didn t tried with DVD since a long time ago. – DrakaSAN Feb 20 '14 at 10:33
UPDATE: In fact the video output is not the issue: VLC works with some glitches (subs may disappear from time to time or appear for a too short a time each time) as long as seeking back/forth is NOT used – cipricus Feb 4 at 6:00

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