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Is there a way which I can use mac-style shortcuts in Windows?

My personal computer is a Macbook, but my work computer is a Windows PC. Using keyboard shortcuts is a nightmare...

Like the copy command. I want to use Windows + C, not Ctrl + C.

Searching in google just gives me how to use Windows-style shortcuts on Mac, not the opposite.

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There's a open-source script for AutoHotkey that does that: gist.github.com/jitbit/e948cf198f54cbf3992c –  jitbit Apr 18 at 18:31

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I read a post recently that says that some Windows system shortcuts' keys are defined inside DLL's, so they're in some manner hardcoded (like Ctrl+Alt+Del). But shortcuts inside other apps depend on how they were programmed, so I think you're stuck with them unless the app itself provides some way to change the mapping. It's that or mapping/switching the Win/Super key with the Ctrl key using a 3rd party software like they state in this post:

Quite simply, use this AutoHotKey script





Works for all but Ctrl + Alt + Del.

I assume AutoHotKey is that software

Good luck.

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