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I use the following in my .emacs for my c code formatting:

(setq c-default-style "linux" c-basic-offset 4)

And I try to format my region by doing: M-x indent-region

But my code does not get formatted.

int    f1(int a, int b,    int c);
int f2();

f1 and f2 does not get aligned and there are extra space between 'int b' and int c', emacs does not format that for me

And struct mystruct{ int field1; int field2; int field3; }

none of the field are aligned after I do 'indent-region'

Can you please tell me how to get emacs c code formatting to work?

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indent-region only indents. It doesn't do full formatting or splitting lines. If you want more formatting options, try using something like astyle.

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That emacs formatting applies to only the initial tab stops. To pretty-print your code in other positions you'll need a different utility.

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