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I would like to know how to drag and drop a folder on other folder has same name of folder without losing existing files.

For example:

I have same name of file under Folder1 like below. then I move folder1 on Desktop to Documents then will be replaced the folder on Documents. So, File2 will be gone atuaclly the folder will be replaced with Folder1 of Desktop.

  • Documents/Folder1/File2
  • Desktop/Folder1/File3

I would like to have like below result.

Expected results:

Documents/Folder1/File2 and File3.

i'm fine even if it's handled by script. please tell me.

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Hold ⌥ option while dragging the folder onto its target. This will bring up a new dialog that allows you to merge the folders:

After merging, the Folder1 will contain both files. Note that the original folder will still exist at its source location—the files will only be copied, not removed.

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♦, Thank you for the information and kind advice. It worked! – Juza Feb 22 '14 at 9:03

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