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I am using Windows 7 professional 64 bit on a desktop. I have a Microsoft Sidewinder X4 keyboard. Its has volume buttons for volume up/down and mute. I can confirm that the buttons physically work. I can change volume just fine in my Ubuntu partition. Why do my volume buttons on my Microsoft keyboard not work under Windows?

This is my device manager:

enter image description here

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As explained in an answer to your other question, the extra devices are normal.

As for your question, there's a answer here (by William.Wade.II) suggesting that the HID service may not be running. Open the control panel, Administrative Tools, Services and look for Human Interface Device Access. If not running, click "start" and see if that makes the buttons start working. If it does, right click the list item and click properties, and change startup type to automatic.

However, it is likely that you haven't installed the drivers for the keyboard. If you haven't, then do so.

HID service

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