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I have a laptop : Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra M3-581TG Laptop, using Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, 4GB RAM, Core i5

It turned off automatically without warning. There was no shutdown procedure, error message or blue screen. when laptop is ac pluggd in it works fine but on batteries it turns off suddenly without any notification.

Recently, I encounter the following issue: When I typing on the Micosoft word, the computer suddenly turn off instantly by itself, without any warning. I power on back the laptop, and it work fine again. But after the same incident happened again.

These type of incident happened on these ways: 1. It turn off suddenly when I am surfing the net, typing a document, or do nothing at all. 2. Sometime, when I press the ‘power on’ button, it can turn off suddenly before it reached the ‘windows log in page’. (Sometime this thing can happened few times continuously before I can successfully log into the windows)

I read few recommendation from the internet and I have done the following but so far it still not able to solve my problem: 1. I reformatted my computer, but only C drive, and reinstall the Windows. 2. I swapped my 4G ram with my friend’s ram. 3. I opened out the laptop, and cleaned the cooling fan, heatsink. 4. I installed the software which can measure my CPU, GPU, processor temperature, but the temperature is normal (around 45-60 celcius) . I suspect it is not due to heating problem, because got few time, my laptop suddenly turn off was my first time turn it on in the morning when I waked up from the bad. That time, my laptop turn off suddenly before it reached the ‘Windows log in page. That period of time ~1-2 minute, so I ruled out the heating problem. 5. My laptop can suddenly turn off even it was inside ‘safe mode’.

  1. I used this processor also:- 1) Click on Start 2) Right click on Computer 3) Click on Properties 4) Click on System Properties 5) Click on the Advanced tab 6) Click on Settings under Startup and Recovery 7) Under System Failure make sure that there is check beside Write an event to the system log. 8) Make sure Kernel memory dump is the default setting under Write debugging information 9) You may want to uncheck Overwrite any existing file to see how many dump files it creates. This will help in determining if there are multiple 10) Click on OK to exit. I Also Update BIOS System. But My problem not solved. Plz Help me.
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Have you tried a different battery? –  Excellll Feb 22 '14 at 17:52

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