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I am seeing an extra block item in irssi, when advanced window list is used. I am wondering how do I remove it?

I am seeing, on the status bar, the following:

[1 (status)] [Extra block containing server A / nick] [2 first channel in server]

I assume the extra block is there to help organize the channel blocks if a user is connected to multiple servers. Then, the arrangement would appear like so:

[1 (status)] [Server A / Nick A] [2 Chan 1] [Server B / Nick B] [3 Chan 2]

How do I remove the [Server X / Nick X] blocks from the status bar in irssi when advanced window list is loaded?

Steps to reproduce:

  1. move config, default_theme in ~/.irssi to some other location
  2. irssi
  3. /connect
  4. /join #freenode
  5. /source load
  6. /toggle awl_viewer
  7. Notice there are exactly 3 items in the second line of the status bar.
    1. [1 Status] 2. [freenode (Server name) | user-name] 3. [2 #freenode]

Element #2 is the element in question.

I was wondering whether there was a setting which could toggle the "organizer blocks" off, or I would have to go into the code to make some modifications.


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Read the content of the file In the beginning, it lists various options and keys that we can change or toggle. From experimentation, it was discovered that awl_display_header is the key to change.

Further, look at /help format for information on how to delete a key. (I was not able to set the key to the null string).

Try /format -delete awl_display_header.

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