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This problem reoccurs to me every so often, and neither google nor man pages ever helped me to resolve it. The question is, how can I ask apt-get or his friends (apt-file or apt-cache) to give me a list of files installed by a given package? Say I just installed ivy and I want to find .jar, which must have come with it. locate ivy will return a lot info about kivy and other similarly named packages/files. Same problem with apt-file list. apt-cache show won't be too helpful either -- it gives a lot of info about the package, but none about it's files.

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Nevermind, I think I just found the answer: it should be dpkg -L PACKAGENAME as in question:…. I find it quite confusing to tell when I should use apt-get, and when I should go for dpkg. Once and for all it's clear to me that it's dpkg in this case. – Adam Kurkiewicz Feb 23 '14 at 18:46
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After you install a .deb package (regardless of source – apt or local), it's managed by dpkg:

dpkg -L packagename
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