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I have a Toshiba C855-2GX , 4GB RAM/5400RPM 500gb HDD i5 I have a problem with my touchpad , my touchpad lag for (15sec to 2min) in worst case the button don't even work , i think my probleme come from a bad ram ... when I install a new software or when I scan pc with antiviruses , or even when I surf in the net with google chrome. I searched about a lot of solutions , but they all don't really work .

  • shutdown pc then click shutdown button for 40sec ==> 50% improved lag but it back after 1month
  • -update driver I did it but know I don't find a new driver for my touchpad.

  • defragmentation of pc :Nothing changed.


  • please help me this pc date 5month (from the first week I have lag issue) please help me ! PS : when the touchpad lag , I can still move the mouse using my tablet graphic that mean my touchpad is the reel problem ?

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