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My eyes cannot tolerate either cleartype or font smoothing. When I got a new computer and moved up to Windows 7, Office 2010, and IE 9, I did a lot of research and took many steps to get rid of them both. Then I got an automatic update to IE 10 last year and couldn't find any way to create the pixelated type that my eyes can tolerate. So, I rolled back the updates until I reached IE 8 (I couldn't get IE 9 to work the way it had prior to the IE 10 update) and turned off automatic updates. My problem is that an increasing number of websites don't display properly in IE 8. I don't like Chrome--I really like the IE interface. Is there any viable option for me? Does IE 11 have an option to remove cleartype/font smoothing? Is there another browser with an interface more similar to IE?

I can tell from my research that lots of people can't tolerate cleartype/font smoothing. It's outrageous that Microsoft doesn't seem to care.

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You don't like ClearType and you don't like Chrome. I like them both and wished Chrome had ClearType. –  paradroid Feb 25 '14 at 0:32

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First answer so please go easy!

Unfortunately, there is no way to remove cleartype from specific applications (that I have come across) as cleartype appears to operate on a per-screen basis. This means that each monitor, can have a specific configuration for cleartype.

As a suggestion regarding alternate browsers; mozilla firefox is visually similar to IE, and performs the same basic function, and should interface properly with your system cleartype settings.

Additionally, IE 11 appears not to have specific cleartype settings, and so, will probably give you the same problem as IE 10.

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Thank you. In researching this, I've read a number of comments about how Firefox introduces its own font smoothing/cleartype issues. Is this true? –  user214553 Mar 22 '14 at 1:42

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