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When a program with many windows restarts, which Firefox often has to, Windows 7 requires me to manually restore every window before the taskbar "Auto-hide" function will work. The taskbar refuses to hide until every window has been looked at. A quick way to open every window would be very useful. Or is there another way to get Auto-hide to believe that I'm aware of the "new" windows?

With multiple windows/instances of an application open and the taskbar buttons set to "Always combine, hide labels", I can Shift+right-click the taskbar button for the window group to open a menu allowing me to:

"Show windows stacked",
"Show windows side by side",
"Restore all windows",
"Minimize all windows", or
"Close all windows".

Choosing "Restore all windows" gets the taskbar to remove their highlighting, and it will hide again.

With the taskbar buttons set to "Combine when taskbar is full" or "Never combine" (which I like), when I right-click, Shift + right-click, or Ctrl + right-click the button for a window in the group I only get a menu allowing me to perform window operations on just that one window rather than each window in the group.

Help would be much appreciated.

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