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I have an HDMI display that has a 1280x800 resolution. When I plug it into my (Arch Linux) laptop, it works fine, no questions asked. But when I plug it into my i.MX6 ARM development board, Linux refuses to use any other framebuffer mode than 640x480, which of course looks atrocious.

I've done a little investigating, and from what I can tell, Linux doesn't detect any other size from the display:

root@imx6qsabreauto:~# fbset

mode "640x480-60"
        # D: 25.200 MHz, H: 31.500 kHz, V: 60.001 Hz
        geometry 640 480 640 480 16
        timings 39682 48 16 33 10 96 2
        accel false
        rgba 5/11,6/5,5/0,0/0

(I can't get my laptop to cough up a framebuffer for the external display to compare these numbers to... help here would be great!)

If I manually try to set the framebuffer with fbset -xres 1280 -yres 800, every few seconds a kernel error is printed (also in dmesg):

mxc_hdmi mxc_hdmi: same edid

It seems like Linux itself has an issue with the display, but I'm stumped at this point. Any help getting this thing up to 1280x800 would be great. I'm using Yocto, so I'm capable of and willing to patch/configure the kernel, if need be.

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